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 Instant Goodies Module 101 

15 mins

“The goal is not to be better than the other man, but your previous self.” – Dalai Lama

Two Friends, What for and Why


Connecting with our What for ? gives us the power to sustain our learning and go after things we wish to achieve.


That goes for everything we do, 

Why do we want to learn something new ? What for ? for what ? are good questions.

These questions connect us with our values and purpose perhaps for the first time, perhaps as a reminder.


It goes something like this , 


Why do you want to learn a new language ? I want to learn a new language because I can speak to some local people.

What for ? I can have more chances of a promotion 

When you have more chance of a promotion than what ? I can earn more income for my family and provide better education for my children.


The closer we get to our value and purpose the better we connect and feel motivated.


Get a piece of paper and try out the why question and ask yourself what for , you will be surprised what comes out of your soul and brain. 


More Goodies 

Learn the :  Do you know your Why? The purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do? from Ted Speaker Simon Sinek. ( Click To View Video On TED ) 






Virgina Satir Iceberg Model


This is one of the most stunning models I have come across that address the issues of our inner self.


Deep in the core of us is our values and they power the meaning we see in our life and governs the way we act and behave.


Learning I believe in tune with our values and beliefs 

sustain our actions and reasons for taking further steps

of course that goes beyond learning into areas of work,

performances, relationships and more.....  


What are you values ? 



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