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 Instant Goodies Module 103    



The best way to talk about mindfulness is to experience it !


Step 1 : Find a quote place and time 

Step 2 : Allow yourself not to be disturbed (Stop all Mobile, door knock.... )

Step 3 : Sit comfortably in whatever way you can  

Start 10 minds Meditation 

Step 4 : Just sit there with your eyes closed and let the mind settles 

like sand in glass stirred in need stillness to become clear 

Step 5 : Let go of your expectations, let go of everything

Step 6 : Start Breathing in naturally,  Breathing out naturally,

Step 7 : Things and thoughts appears in your mind, Do nothing ! come back to your breath everytime. 

Step 8 : Become aware of your breathing


Slowly open your eyes, spent some time to reflect

How to you feel ? What do you feel ?  Describe your feeling ?




5 Big reasons why Mindfulness is so good for us !


1) Instantly calm your mind  2) Boost your attention

3) Reduce stress  4) Increase awareness 5) Increase energy                                                                                                                        

 Thich Nhat Hanh

Guided Meditation with Thich Nhat Hanh

"Breathe in deeply to bring your mind home to your body"


Audio / Instant Cantonese sesssion 3

Telling Time - Unknown Artist
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Feelings - Unknown Artist
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Super Market - Unknown Artist
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