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 Instant Goodies Module 102

      Cross Culture & Appreciative Enquiry  



This is a powerful and effective way to reconnect with our past success and anchor us with a positive mindset for the present to move forward. 

The great thing about this approach is that it is scalable and totally transferable.


Discovery : What is good? , what has worked?

Dream       : Create your own story of what Might be?

Design       : What should be? What is the idea? 

Destiny      : How to make it happen and reflections 



Discovery : What is good? , what has worked?


Think back for a moment to one thing you are proud of achieving it the past how did that feel?


Can you retrieve the feeling? How does this feeling feel?

Culturally what did you learned that you found useful to you work ?

your family ? yourself? 



Dream     : What Might be? What motivates you ?


Imagine what it feel and be like when you have done this and achieved success, what ever small steps it may be because you are putting your wish into action.


What is the ideal situation that you can see, you are fluent in a local 

language perhaps ? or you are able to foster better relationships at the workplace? See what we want more of gives a direction to move




Design     : What should be ? What is the idea ?

What would it be like when this is perfectly finished 

What steps are you taking? Are you actively doing these? 


Destiny    : How to make it happen  

what are the steps clearly defined? or you have done some ? 

How does it feel right now? how you see what you have done ? 



 Instant Goodies Module 102


"We live in the world our questions create,"

 David Cooperrider

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