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 Instant Goodies Module 104    


Neuroscience NeuroLanguage Cantonese 

In the world of Neuroscience there’s been a great leap forward, researchers has confirmed that our brain can change even at Bill’s age.


Neuroplasticity means our brain in fact as a plasticity nature and can stretch itself to learn at any age, there goes our excuse we’re too old !


Learning Cantonese or any language for that matters require us to make a commitment and to take note of a few brain fact to make our learning successful. 


Brain Facts 


1)    We can learn new skills at any age 


2)   We don’t learn so well under tool much stress and when we are            tired we perform our mind is fresh we learn and retain better


3)  Take baby steps and revise all the time 


4)   By default we have what the scientist call a primitive brain that           can interfere with our learning so when we ar overloaded                    situation our learning center don’t function as well.





After learning this, your brain will .... 
TED : After learning this, your brain will not be the same
DR. Lara Boyd
Canada Research Chair in Neurobiology and Motor Learning. 
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