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Read About The Instant Cantonese Class 

What it is 


Language breaks down barriers, think back when you have traveled toThailand for example, just by learning how to say 

Sawasdee Krab ( hello in Thai ) brings a smile to people’s faces and you feel instantly connected and somehow people 

cooperate with you better and you are more respected instantly.


Same goes for Cantonese which is the Chinese dialect spoken here in Hong Kong, Macau China and a lot of places around the world. 


Instant Cantonese Coaching Cafe is a new and exciting way to learn Cantonese and at the same time learn ways to bridge the cross culture gaps all done in a casual group learning setting.

Why it works 


The old way of learning Cantonese takes a lot of time and is complex, before you get the hang of the basic you want to give up.


Instant Cantonese is not a language course, its practical street talk, informal approach gets you taking Cantonese a lot faster.


For example How are you in Cantonese is Na Ho Ma, just read the words and we are speaking Cantonese. 


Proven it works ! Thousands of phrases in Instant Cantonese that people have been using successfully since the first edition was first published in the 90’s.


Instant Cantonese Course is developed by Bill Loh and Nick Theobald Author based on the best-selling speak Cantonese book “Instant Cantonese”.


Instant Cantonese Works because it is, 

Easy to learn 

Quick to put into action  

Useful and practical phrases 

About Bill the coach 


Bill Loh is the co-author of Instant Cantonese he is a trained Corporate and Executive Coach, Qualify Mediator and an experienced Team Builder and Facilitator. 


Former Director Of Creative Service CNN Asia, he has extensive experience working in senior executive capacity for international organisation in diverse cultures. 


Bill applies his cross-cultural know how and coaching skills to make Instant Cantonese Course fun and easy for you. 


Reaching out


It is challenging describe the course into writing so I am offering a free session,

a full 60m mins class for your office to experience first hand. 


TED : Mark Pagel: How language transformed humanity

   Professor and head of the Evolutionary Biology Group at            the University of Reading.

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