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Cross & Inter-Cultural Coaching 

  • Cultural Bias


Discover why our perceptions are tinted by our cultural filters and how we can better communicate with others  


  • Non-verbal communication


Made up of more than 55 % of the way we express understand how we can make this work in our favor.  



  • Cross-cultural team building & problem-solving skills


 Examine what can be done to address and move beyond  problem areas




Bill is the Co-Author of Instant Language Books

Instant Cantonese is being used in business organizations 

for cultural coaching and language coaching.

TED : Cross cultural communication
Pellegrino Riccardi 
TED :The survivor's guide to cross cultural com...: B.Du Mesnil and C.Naschberger at TEDxMinesNantes
TED :A cross culture and communication specialist:
Isabelle Min at TEDxItaewon

Irish Embassy Hong Kong 

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